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Tap Water

R.O. System

General Filter System

Ionized Water

Hydrogen Water

Top Spring® Life Energy Water


Contain beneficial mineral substances (calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and so on).

Remove all beneficial and harmful matters from water, being commonly recognized as the purest water quality.

Remove residual chlorine (for disinfecting use) and contaminants from tap water.

It generates negative electric charges to neutralize acidity in the body, holds beneficial minerals, and removes residual chlorine and impurities.

Remove residual chlorine (for disinfecting use) and contaminants from tap water.

Maintaining beneficial mineral substances and removing residual chlorine, heavy metals and carcinogens from water, Top Spring® Life Energy Water also has characteristic of very strong anti-oxidization capability, extremely high oxygen content and very tiny cluster of water molecules which are extremely helpful to human body and inner recycle aspect. It is a high-quality drinking water system most suitable for whole family for long-term use. Besides the characteristics above, Top Spring® Life Energy Water also has other dozens of functions.


Concentration of residual chlorine (for disinfecting use) is rather high, which would produce haloform carcinogen after heating up.

Water through R.O. process will be removed all trace matters in it, equal to the pure water without any mineral substance and useless to human health. The pH value in R.O. water is weak acid. The oxygen content is low and no active capability, easy to cause acidic physique. Any electricity shortage would cut off the water supply.

Apply ion exchange resin or activated charcoal to make filter core, removing only residual chlorine, impurities and odor from water; while heavy metal is still in. If using hollow fiber membrane, it would be infected more easily by bacteria.

Need be consumed in two hours without being boiled, or the ionization will be lost after the electric potential is reduced. Areas with poor water quality are with more heavy metal, not suitable for using Ionized water because its negative pole will be more easily to produce plenty of heavy metals. 

Ways of generating hydrogen in this machine are two: by electrolysis or by adding magnesium powder to water. However, little hydrogen generates through this, about 0.5-1.5ppm, while human body can autonomously produce 12 liters of hydrogen a day, enough for daily use. Hence, this system is not helpful for people. Moreover, magnesium powder with water will be oxidized and produces magnesium hydroxide. The compound has issues on heavy metal pollution. Most important, the character of hydrogen is spontaneous combustion and easy to explode, so placing a hydrogen machine at home is very dangerous.

Top Spring® Life Energy Water system is a biotechnical masterpiece developed by cooperation between the US, Japan and Taiwan. Therefore, it is understandable that costs to produce the system and its price are relatively higher.